Plywood source for small business - Central TX

I’ve got my kit ordered and while I won’t need much at the start if things take off I’m going to need a source for material that isn’t just me loading up sheets in my truck from home depot.

Are there suppliers people can recommend for furniture/cabinet grade sanded plywood? I’ll need at least 1/2" possibly up to 3/4".

Perhaps also recommendations for PVC sheet suppliers as well

I’m a little east of Austin, TX

The best source for plywood in my area is a local building supplier that specializes in sheet goods. If you want to share your location, maybe someone here can chime in about a supplier. Otherwise, I would ask around locally.

Fair point! I completely forgot to mention that, whoops! I’ll update my original post.

For plywood, take a look at Fine Lumber or Austin Hardwoods.

For PVC, maybe try Grimco.

These are all in Austin.