Pro Ballscrew Cover Fabric

What is the elastic fabric that covers the ballscrew called and does anyone have a good suggestion as to where to get it from? I have a project that I think it would work perfectly for and I’m at a loss trying to search for it. Thanks.

Reminds me of treadmill belt

Amazon and ebay should pay me for the links… :thinking:

The accordion style bellows covers wouldn’t work for what I am trying to work on. It really needs to be that same type of somewhat elastic flat material that AVID uses on our PRO Ballscrew assemblies. If anyone else has any sources, let me know. I’ll probably send them an email directly, but didn’t really want to bother them with this if it was an easy answer.

Ok, so you don’t want ball screw or ways coverings.

Pro Tip; AvidCNC shops at McMaster-Carr so start there.

Of course you could have dropped them an email and had the answer a few weeks back.