Probing question again....can the touch plate be modified

Good day.
Today again I wasted quote some time to get a center of a piece of metal to cut.
Uccnc has probing add ons… ProbeIt for UCCNC - Probe Tip #1 (

I was thinking out of the blue…isnt there a way to use te touch plate to find centers?I mean the bit as a probe and your material as your touchplate

When you use the touch plate it touches the x and y and go to the center…
could this be modified to work? or someone point me to a working probe with our Mach4 :confused:


Yes, you can use the touchplate as you mentioned, or you can get a probe and make it compatible.

Either way you have to find a touchprobe screen or write your own because the AVID touchplate routine is setup for setting on edges.

I just bought a Drewtronics probe s5000LED Wired CNC Probe – DrewTronics that I’m going to use for center finding and other stuff. It is normally closed, so I have to add an open collector driver circuit to it so it can be tied to the same probe circuit as the AVID touchplate because I also want them to work together. If I can’t find a screen I like, I’ll write one. There are several center finder routines for holes (like the one in Mach4), but I also want one that will find the center of something from the outside edges. I will post my results when I get it working if you want to copy any of it (unless you beat me to it :-)).

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I ll be waiting on yours…from all the things I can do…I cant program to save my life :smiley:

but it will be a huge time saver.


I just got the probe in too. I have a conundrum in my shop, I have a new laser, new ATC, new touch probe, some cool ESS feature testing, and Paper Tools software testing to do. Its like 4 years worth of Christmas presents landed in one week. What a problem to have? :slight_smile:

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Sounds like some late nights in the shop. I can’t wait to see the vids!!