Rotary Axis Dimensions

I’m thinking of adding Avid’s Rotary Axis module to my Axiom machine. I’ve modified the AR6 ProV5 to a Centroid Acorn controller. Right now I’m considering further conversion to Teknik Clearpath Servos. I understand I could put a NEMA 34 servo motor in the Avid Rotary Axis module, which would be awesome. Before I pull the trigger I’d like to consider the overall geometry of the Rotary Module on my CNC deck. There are two things I’d need to consider:

  1. What is the center height of the Rotary axis from the bottom of the aluminum mounts? I’d probably get the top mount version.
  2. What is the overall width of the module?

I’d appreciate any other insights users may have.

The rotary axis center is about 4.375" from the bottom of the rotary assembly. That’s how high the rotary axis center would be off the table when using the table top installation.

The rotary axis footprint pdf shows the unit’s overall width as 14.02".

To estimate other dimensions, you could put the pdf images into a program and scale them by the given measurements.

You might be able to glean some insights from the rotary documentation.

Perfect! That’s exactly what I needed to know. I have the other Avid dimensions from other documents.
Thank you Stephen!