Wide Accomodation Rotary

I’d like to mount a rotary fixture below the table to turn relatively short (~7") and wide (up to 22" diameter) stock for asymmetric carving. Ideally, the 4th axis would be active, not merely used as an indexer- but if weight is a concern spinning all that mass, indexing would be acceptable. I wonder how many pounds of force the motor can be relied on to turn or hold immobile during machining? The stall torque is listed as 24lbs- I suppose that must not include the force applied by the Z axis. How is that stall torque measured? 24 lbs 1’ from center?

You may want to reach out to support for some guidance on this one.

You’ll have to widen the whole rotary to take diameters up to that size. The whole setup is built on an 8020 frame so i don’t think it would be terribly hard to re-build it.

As far as the torque specs I don’t have a good answer for you, but support may have.