Separate section for unsupported customizations to Avid machines

Is it possible for us to get a section of the forum dedicated to discussing unsupported mods to Avid machines? I am willing to bet there is a decent percentage of people that build their own CNC who also want to modify their machines from stock. It would be nice to have a place to talk about those mods with other Avid customers here rather than using other communities that are related to the mods but not to Avid. You can still have discussions here but the topics end up in General Chat and will become more difficult to find as time goes on. It seems like a good opportunity to have a dedicated section.

I am the king of unofficial mods and I post all over this forum :rofl:

If you forced me to post in only one place I would be sad …

Wouldn’t Build Logs also encompass this? Not saying it’s a bad idea but most of my mods are in my Build Logs.

I think build logs can work, I just like the idea of easier to find collection of adventures from those of us who go off the reservation. I have seen it work well in other communities. The current setup isn’t bad, I just think this could be a nice addition.