SF Bay Area - PRO 60108 w/ 3HP Spindle, NEMA34 PnP Electronics and Blackbox Vac

5’x9’ Machine. Currently configured with vertical table and 5x8’ flow through.

Price new: 18,519.75
Asking Price $14,950

|PRO 6060 NEMA34|$6,150.00|
|4’x5’ Expansion Kit|$2,000.00|
|NEMA34 Electronics with 5th Drive|$3,466.00|
|3HP Plug N Play Spindle/VFD|$2,195.00|
|AVID Leg Kit|$745.00|
|Auto Z|$164.75|
|Proximity Sensors|$315.00|
|3HP Tramming Plate|$129.00|
|Blackbox Hurricane Vac w/4 valvues|$3,355.00|

Machine is PRO 6060 with a 4’ Add-on from Avid. All above components are included. Machine is ~2years old, light use in shop. Currently has a baltic birch plenum sealed with Shellac and a new MDF spoil board surfaced for flow through. Includes Blackbox hurricane Vac and plumbing. Machine also has 5th driver for rotary, but no rotary is included. Machine transportation is provided by buyer, but if you are within 1 hour of Fremont, CA I would be happy to help setup the machine with you if you would like additional hands. Two custom storage bins underneath are available for free with machine purchase, if you’d like them. Feel free to ask questions.

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This has been sold .