Start Mach 4 with jogging set to incremental?

Good day.

What can I do to when I start Mach4 to start with the jogging set to incremental and at 0.1 inch or mm doesn’t really matter.

Broke a nice and expensive bit today while jogging with remote :confused:
Thank you!

Are you using a removte keyboard? If so, use Ctrl + arrows to jog incremental, arrows by themselves for jogging at the reduced speed that is set in the screen, and Shift + arrows to give you full speed jogging (at max motor speed).


Jim @jjneeb -
How did you get like all of the internet in your brain at once? You are a goldmine of helpfulness!

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I just snoop around a lot :slight_smile:

Yes correct…ctrl + arrows jogs to incremental…but since the incremental is set when Mach4 launches it is set at 1.0

Id rather have it at 0.1 and or 0.01 increments when Mach 4 starts

Thank you!

I had the same issue, except I use a pendant, it defaults to incrimental jog at 1" I would like to change the default in Mach 4 to .001" on start. Is this in the INI file? I dont use keyboard jog only the pendant & a game controller.

Ah, I misunderstood your question. Yes, I had that same issue, and I also have snapped a couple of bits because it was set at 1" instead of my favorite 0.010".
I had tried to set the default value but it seemed to keep going back to the first one in the list, so I just re-ordered the list so that the one I wanted to be the default was the first one in the config list. I haven’t had a problem since.

Got it Thank you!!!

That done it Thanks!!

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