Tiny 11 for older computers

Hey guys! I recently came across this and my immediate thought was i wonder if this would be viable for a system being used to run an avid CNC machine!

It’s a stripped down version of windows 11 that does not auto update and has all of the bloatware removed! A smooth operating system that does not interrupt the machining process with random processes in the background could be amazing.

Is anyone running windows 11 for their avid machines? If so what issues do you have?

I have no idea about your question, but my computer is always up to date with windows… so yes windows 11… no issues…


I think I am going to sit windows 11 out for a bit longer…


Win 11 is much better at running Mach4, no question.

The thing about Win 11 is it won’t install on a computer it will have trouble with.

This is the Win 11 machine I use for my PRO60120. I use a slightly larger instruction buffer for ESS but not anywhere near the max;

How so, and how can you tell?

I’m on a Thinkpad T460s with an Intel i5-6300U and Windows 10, and I’m not sure I want to upgrade.

How big?

Windows 11 uses a different runtime for the C#. Like all GC languages, C# will pause during GC (garbage collection). Those pauses can show up in processes like Windows checking for updates for the OS and security.

Windows 11 also does a better job setting task priority. This means that when Mach4 asks for a higher priority it is granted whereas in versions prior it was honored in “name only.” This means that Mach4 will have priority during any CPU intensive operations.

Windows 11 memory management is superior in most respects. This is a major problem where Windows would pause in prior versions due to large allocations of memory for processes. This is essentially eliminating the last of the CPU managed memory. All modern systems have these processes in hardware now. For instance, the GPU can access memory directly, no need for the CPU to be involved in that housekeeping. Now that feature applies to all elements on the bus, not just the GPU. So things like networking cards, USB hubs and the like can access and BE ACCESSED without intervention from the CPU.

This makes Thunderbolt and USB 3.2 almost 10x faster than what can be achieved by something like a Mac.

I could go on but I would point you to the specs from Microsoft, Windows 11 is a significant upgrade.

So the question is mute, that CPU and motherboard is missing the new hardware required for Windows 11. You could trick the upgrade but it would be dog slow and probably unstable.

this is very very useful information. I am definitely going to upgrade my machine PC as soon as possible. its an older machine but this tiny 11 seems to work quite well on older hardware. I will give it a shot for sure.

this seems like a very good way to go. how do you configure the instruction buffer?

It will tell you if it is needed.

Quick note, make sure that your PC can in fact upgrade to 11 before you start. Not a whole lot of hardware is compatible with 11 much less Tiny.

Scratch that, Tiny is in fact Win 11 Pro.

You do know that all you have to do is disable services you don’t need in regular Win 11 Pro, right?

Tiny still has all the advertising and tracking stuff. So starting with a full install and then disabling graphics fxs, animations and services like the OneDrive (I just uninstalled that crap) will get you Tiny but with a larger install size on disk.