Tramming test Results

I did a tramming test the other day and this is out of the box no adjustments made yet can anyone tell what’s going on from the photo below

In the test on the left, it looks like something is pushing either your spindle or your workpiece up or down at the end of each row.

Is horizontal direction of the photo the machine’s X axis or Y axis?

What bit did you use?

Is the workpiece completely secured?

Is something applying an intermittent vertical force to your spindle? Your vacuum setup, maybe?

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The last time I saw something like that the guy found out his MDF was flexing (I htink it wasn’t clamped down well, or was warped or something, I can’t rememeber all the details).

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I agree something is loose. The Z move is alternating. Presumably with the direction of the spindle as it alternates. I would check the axis that it is moving in. The right side cut appears to not have the same movement. So start with the axis that is moving.

The ridges are found in the y-axis cut i used a half inch down cut bit the mdf was a half inch 2 foot by 4 foot that was clamped at the 4 Corners but the cuts were on the center

Loose bolts somewhere on the Z axis. It’s like a pendulum.

Okay thanks I’m going to try again on a smaller board secured to the table better and see how that works I’m pretty new at this and appreciate the help

Sounds like the MDF was secure enough. I agree that the gantry or Z axis is probably tilting forward and backward. Try pushing on things and see if you get movement. Re-tighten everything before doing another test.

That is what was happening to me.

I re torqued all the bolts to the specs that Mark Lindsay suggested, on the gantry and frame. Also added fender washers (Mark Lindsay video) to the spoilboard and torqued them all to the same spec. I believe it was 10 ft lbs. this would depend on how thick your washers are. I found them all to be different and some would bend.

I think that was the root of the problem, spoilboard movement along with poor work holding.

I have since re done my spoilboard, doubled my spoilboard thickness. (Glued a second .75” mdf on top) and it is considerably better. My dial indicator would change by just resting my hand on the spoilboard. I now have to push down with considerable force to change the readings.

Another note was that the mdf I used for tramming/testing was warping as it got thinner. When I unscrewed it it would curl. Once I got things to quit moving then results got better.

Okay everything is solid and snuged up i didn’t find anything. trammed the spindle and it was out 10 thousands Nodding back so i added shims to the top Secure the board with plastic nails around the cut this time and it’s looking much better now :wink: a special thanks to everyone!!..

Just a update this morning I flattened my spoil board finally it looks great its been cold and retrammed the spindle an thats looking great too so now I think I can start making something lol Have a great day!!