Tri-State 4 x 8 AVID CNC for Sale

I am moving and no longer have space for my beloved machine. Purchased in 2020 and used intermittently for the past 4 years. Everything works great, just a bit dusty. Originally purchased for $13k. Includes dust collection system and all bits I’ve accumulated. Also includes Vcarve and Mach4 Licenses.

Asking for $10k. Pickup only. Located in Connecticut near NYC.

You will need at least two people to help move and a truck that can fit 65" x 115" footprint. I will disassemble the gantry and take off the electronic boxes, but its best to keep the table assembled. I will also remove spoil board.

What’s the Z travel?

Z-Axis Travel / Gantry Height: 12" / 8"

It has extended Z height. I often used it to machine 3D patterns from 6" foam blocks.

4th Axis or controller for one?

There is no 4th axis, but you could attach the AVID rotary.

Hi mzmz, , I was wondering if it’s still available?

Hi Avidkid,

Yes it is still available.

OK great I’m actually from CT so we should be fairly close to each other. I was hoping to come take a look at it

Sure why don’t you email me to set up a time: