Vers by Touch Probe connection HELP

Hi, y’all,

I’m a newbie to anything/everything CNC/milling, based in Brisbane, Australia.

An ex-woodworker…

Bought the Benchtop Pro last year with a CNC Depot ATC spindle.

I kid you not - it took me almost a year getting it built, buying parts for ATC hook-up as well as calibrating instruments, and getting the machine squared/trammed and etc…

Recently, I’ve purchased a touch probe from the Belarusian company, Vers by.

It came with what appears to be a circuit segment.

I’m wondering if anyone’s had experience buying/using their touch probe (non-wireless one).

Would appreciate any help I can get!



If you are using the control box as built by AvidCNC the probe input is a simple switch that is configured as NO or “normally opened.”

You will need to run 3 wires to your device. If you are using the default NO then that is NPN I believe (better fact check me!). You will need a positive (goes to the VCC) and a ground (GRN) from the system DC (10 volts or something like that? Again, trust but verify :grimacing:) and then connect the NPN to the wire for the probe.

Personally, I would use a different pin for this than the standard probe. If you use a different pin, go for the NC option. When switches fail, they fail open which is safer than the alternative.

I would call the factory about this though. Always get their input because us worms down here in the forum can sometime be full of … Stuff :rofl:

What is PNP vs NPN?

I always get them reversed so be careful!

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As to how long it took you to get up and running, fully expected.

The fact you are going ATC with your first machine is bold. If you are going to jump in head first, that’s the way to do it.

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