Workholding Vote?


is that a plasma cutter attached to your gantry?

Yes, that is a plasma cutter on a 2’nd Z-Axis on the gantry. CNCRouterParts/AVIDcnc set this machine up for me that way. It is a 4’x8’ machine. I’ve got a rotary axis recessed, parallel to the X-Axis of the machine, then about 30"x48" of swarfboard with the embedded screw down anchors for working with the router. (I do a few projects in wood and a whole bunch in acrylic there) and lastly, On the far side I’ve got a 4’x4’ section with a water table on it for plasma.

I’ve posted a few projects on this forum of the plasma cutter in action. It works great and I use it a ton.


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