Xml file for "industrial cnc" 4x8 router

Hello I’m looking for some help if possible. My computer died and i have lost all my settings for Mach3. I have an “industrial cnc” 4x8 table and Im looking for an XML file for said machine to get it up and running again. Can anyone help or have any ideas? I did contact the company but there were useless and brushed me off. Thanks in advance

That’s likely not something that we can help you with here.

Mach 4 is pretty flexible in that you can configure it for just about any machine. To do that you’ll need to know settings like the steps per rev of the motors, pin assignments for sensors, spindle, etc.

While I bet some users here could guess, it will likely be that… a guess.

If I were you I’d lean on them a little harder to help you at least get Mach 3 up and running again. They might ave some configuration instructions or files for you to do that. You could use those settings/files to either get what you had up and running, or use that has a guide to get Mach 4 up and running.

Another place you could check is the Machsupport forum.

Those two options are probably your cheapest options. Other alternatives would be swapping the controller over to something more modern and more well supported.

Hey Eric appreciate that, Avid CNC actually just gave me a link to an XML file which I’m very appreciative for, I’m sure it wont work right away but I’m hoping it gives me a starting point to work from. The politest way I can say it is “Industrial CNC” didn’t want to help and made me feel like an idiot for even asking. If i get this machine up and running I would be looking at selling it and buying something from Avid CNC just because they had no reason to help and still did!

Can you tell me more about switching out the controller? What would that cost and is that something anyone can do?

Cheers Lee