4x8 table to 4x4

Hello, Thanks to all the people that help others here. Has anyone reduced their table size from a 4 x 8 to a 4 x 4? I need to move it to a new location and this would fit my needs better.

I’ve been thinking about doing the same. I reviewed the 4x4 pro assembly instructions, and it seems like we have all the parts. We could do a 4 x5 machine as well. Once you have just the physical dimensions modified it would be as simple as changing the machine settings in Mach4. At least that is what I’m thinking. I’ll be curious to know if that is truly the case from anyone that has actually completed this task.

Thanks Bean I’ll be diving into this in a week or so, If I have success I’ll let you know.

I have not done this but i know if you want to go the other way, bigger, you simply add additional length to the physical table and then add cable extensions for the electronics. The worst case scenario i can think of is you have one piece cables that would end up too long and you had to coil up the extra length somewhere.
But I’ll bet you have everything you need on hand.
You could then save the extruded aluminum for another day or sell it to somebody else if you don’t think you’d go back.