Question about buying 4x8

I’ve finally decided to purchase an Avid CNC but I’m stuck between 4x4 and 4x8. I have a tight space at the moment but I know I will expand in the future. Is it cheaper to buy 4x4 and buy the expansion kit later or is it cheaper to buy 4x8 and just use 4x4 for now? Thanks

Always buy the biggest you can afford. Same thing with compressors, hydraulic presses and aircraft.

I have a 5 x 10 machine and its a great 4 x 8 most days… you have to put the clamps somewhere, right?

A 4x4 will be about 3 x 3, sub 6 inches around it. 4 x 8 is 3 x 7, right?

I agree. The best advice I got was to buy your second CNC machine first. For me it was a 4x8 instead of something smaller. I wish I had room for a 5x10, but my shop really isn’t big enough.

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GET THE PRO 4896 !!! mine is in a tight space and I wish I would have bought the 5’ x 10’ now. the kit to go from a 4x8 to 5x10 is about 4,500 when if i would have done it from the beginning it would have only been 2,000 more.

like another said get the largest you can and dont look back

I got the 5x5, put it 8’4" from the back wall so I can tile 4x8 projects. Save the space until I need the 10’ table. at that point hopefully making money with it to upgrade.

I do agree with the buy what you can afford, for me it was the space.

Really depends on what kind of work you do. I have a 48x48 and many times I wish it was a 48x96. I have never wished it was bigger than 48x96 though. I just don’t have the room for a bigger one so I don’t have to think about it too much.
I can see wanting 5’ wide if you ever think you are going to process full size baltic birch. I think greater than 8 ft long is something special like large river tables, or maybe being able to setup one job while another is running or something, but that is a lot of space too.

I have no room in my home shop. Its a AvidCNC PRO60120 and that is it. You have to exhale to use the 20 inch touchscreen :rofl:

Buy the width you want and the length you can afford. I’ve seen people with 5x8 machines so you don’t have to go full 10 foot it would seem.

I agree. I started out with a smaller desktop machine. I quickly outgrew it and waited to replace it with a 4x10. My only regret is I didn’t get the 6x10. Well it gives me something to look forward to. But trust the advice. Buy the best you can and don’t look back.

My first CNC was a 2x2 custom, which I eventually outgrew (duh). When I was trying to decide what size to get my wife pointed out that I OUTGREW a cnc. “If you’re upgrading because you need a bigger one, get the biggest one so it doesn’t happen again.”

I bet you had a great upgrade excuse you’d been working on and now it’s wasted. :laughing:

Or… it could go to the highest bidder.

I went with a 5x3 oddball size :slight_smile: Wish I had just done 5x5.

You can always make it bigger!

Oh I know :slight_smile: Just waiting until I can afford it and then will go 5x8/10 when I do.