5x10 for sale near Atlanta Georgia

5x10 Avid CNC

Lightly used, I used it to cut sheets of MDF for my manufacturing business for a few months and have flattened a few table tops on it. Has just been sitting for the past year barely getting used so l have decided to sell it.

| have a bunch of random bits and collets that come with it, also can include a computer that is perfect for running mach4 software that controls the cnc. I can transfer the mach4 license to your email after purchase.

I have some lightly used extra belts and gears for it, and one lightly used linear bearing. Also have a bunch of extra hardware. I can text you a picture of everything extra if you’re interested, it only lets me put one picture here.

This comes with the Nema 34 stepper motors, 3hp spindle, and optional leg kit that is adjustable for uneven floors. Also has the auto z touch plate, and I have a 10 ft and 25ft Ethernet cable with a usb-c adapter.

I will help you disassemble it and load it up. All the wires are already labeled for re assembly. I have disassembled and assembled it twice so if you need help assembling it and you are not too far of a drive I’m down to help out for the right price.

12,500 OBO

Please shoot me a text if you’re interested. 678-641-5851

You can reach me any time of day.

Here are the extras included