A quick backlash test

So I decided to install the latest ESS driver ver 284 and the latest Mach4 which is 5000 on my oldest 4896 that was purchased in 2019.

I’ve got a PRO 4896 machine that is from May 2019. I just replaced the drive spindles for the first time. That made the machine quieter. I did a backlash test like in your video on all three axes and also had no backlash. I was also quite pleased.

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Same experience here as well, on all 3 axis, I don’t have any BC comp. There are a lot of folks that when you mention R/P the question of accuracy comes up and that precision acme would be more better…

I discovered after straightening the crossmembers on my 2019 that the CRP812-02 Sensor Flags had worked loose. As I was retightening them I realized they were not tapped straight! :exploding_head:

That got me thinking so I checked the box proximity sensors on the R&P Drive Plates and they were crooked too!

I adjust all those and then squared and trammed the machine and it was much, much quieter and smoother running.

My machine is really high time so do check those on yours. This would also explain why the high wear rate on the left side of my machine.

I still have one crossmember that is slightly higher than the rest but its good until next spoilboard.