Adding Avid to fusion360

Hello, another day, another challenge. I’ve been able to run the Pro CNC through MACH 4, spindle jog, touchplate, all that. However, I am having a terrible time generating the G code from Fusion360 as the Avid i not in its machine list or post processor list. I downloaded the post from Avid, all 3!, but it does not seem to want to configure in Fusion360 setup or posting. Is there a tutorial on how to add the Avid Pro to Fusion360’s machine library?

Leave in the cloud and reference it when you define your machine. If it is local to your machine then you will have to manually load it into the project each time.

Put it in your cloud posts folder and then it will be in your post drop-down menu.

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This is not specific to the Avid universe, so if you can find a video on YouTube that walks through the process, you can adapt what you learn to complete the task.

In short, you have libraries for machines, tools and posts. Add the post to your post library, then add a new machine to the machine library and select that post you just added. The details, dimensions and features in the machine setup aren’t really useful, just the post processor. When you create a new setup, select that machine and it will include the post automatically.

Adding link to the page with the download and instructions.