Are CAD/CAM files available for AvidCNC Pro?

I’m interested in customizing some things on my machine.

I make aftermarket parts for AvidCNC machines and I have found a few STEP files they post. They will be in the documentation.

You will not find the machine frames and the other stuff. Get those from your parts CAD file provider or directly.

Would you be able to point me in the direction? I’ve scoured documentation and have not seen a single STEP file.

It depends on what you want and why. I’ve found when I ask for a STEP file for a specific part (e.g. mounting assembly for rotary module) for a specific reason (need hole diameters for a non AVID part), AVID support sent them to me.
They obviously don’t want to send out the model for the whole unit, and specifically state it’s for your personal use and you can’t post it anywhere. That’s perfectly reasonable.

Assembly & Setup - Avid CNC Support and look under the downloads for each link.

I have found that most STEP files are approximate anyways. They certainly aren’t being used for production. Or, if they were, they are old versions.

The only STEP file I have that is accurate are the mounting plates for the spindle.

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Awesome Corbin!
Can this file be used to create a machine definition/model in Fusion 360? I can see where the model would be nice to look for conflicts/collisions in a cutting simulation. That way you wouldn’t have to cut off part of your spindle mount if one was making a deep bowl, for instance… :grinning:

Be sure to post it when you are finished! And don’t forget the 60120 while you are at it. Your contribution to the community will be appreciated.


Oh, and these are old, 2019. A lot has changed. Especially in the legs and the spindle mount plates.

Haha ;)! Yeah, I’m not sure if it an be used…plus, part of it is dependent on where you mount stuff. They are old, but they seem pretty accurate.

I haven’t been able to get simulations working yet, even with the Autodesk models. But the model definition moves correctly. It should also be fairly easy to swap spindle STEP files because AVID did such a good job of organizing the model to begin with.
Avid 4896 Model Animation

I tried to use the 3d model from avid to create a machine that I could simulate on in fusion, but the post processor required editing to be “simulation-ready” and I moved on to other tasks. Also, adding the machine model to the workspace added in a huge amount of lag to the program even on my very high end pc. I think it would be best to remodel a bare-bones version of the 3d model before using it for simulation in fusion.

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Yeah, I can see that. Really, you just need to map work surface and the objects there, as well as the spindle/mount area. In my particular case, I’ll add in the rotary module, ATC area, vertical table fixtures, and the fixed tool touch off. It’s really more useful to see what you might run into than any real milling simulation.
It was a good exercise to learn more about Fusion 360.

Exactly, it would be good to include only what is necessary.