Anyone uses camera to align view their work?

Good day.
I am looking for an option to view my work while sitting behind the computer.
for instance if I want to move the plasma head close to a new starting point and or move the head around to make sure the material is big enouh for the cut…without having to stand up…with my keyboard (dont have a remote yet).

Anyone doing this? or another way?


I have two cameras on my X carriage, one in the dust manifold for up close tool watching and the second for broad view of the work area under the spindle.

I could add one for the plasma torch at some point. I have 10Gbps of bandwidth up there so plenty of room to grow.

This is a video with the old low-res manifold cam. The new Autel camera is much higher resolution and twice the framerate. I have also since printed a more rigid camera holder for the work area cam.

That is such a GREAT idea to put a camera in your dust manifold. I like to see the bit at work so just made a clear dust hood that I can look thru to see the bit, but if affects the dust collection somewhat. Any info on how you set up your camera would be appreciated if you have time!

I am working on publishing all of that before December. The problem is the cost of bringing something like a tool carousel to market. At this point I doubt I will ever break even on this project :rofl:

My interest lies with your camera setup to see the bit. I did go to your website that is under development - hope you succeed in your endeavors!

Just a dust manifold with a hole for a borescope. This is the one I started with;

Its wireless but the resolution is low and the framerate is at best 10 fps. This was the camera used in the video.

I am in the final testing phase with a new camera from from a French company called Autel. Much better but now I have to redesign the manifold.

I just got a camera and now trying to figure out the cable…
And now I see the wireless option :expressionless:

Yeah, skip the wireless. It sucks. It might work if it was stationary but since it’s moving the backscattered 2.5ghz causes real issues. Especially since you have all this high current induction devices running around it.

So you are stuck running twisted pair or (in my case) fiber optics.