My new ceiling mount arm for my CNC monitor and computer

I finally found a way to mount my monitor and computer so that it didn’t interfere with machine access, use up my workbench space, and has no cables on the ground to trip on.


That’s nice… and I thought I was being slick by mounting and old TV to the wall as a second screen! :wink:

I have a laptop on a rolling cart right now and use the same remote keyboard that you have which I use to jog and set offsets. The cart is not as much of a problem but not being able to see the screen when using the remote keyboard is less than ideal. It would definitely be better to have the whole computer system with a large screen on a arm like you have but the cost of the such a big arm seems prohibitive. I will look through your links to see if I can get some alternative ideas. Thanks for posting.


I actually wanted to put a big screen TV on the wall, but I just didn’t have room on the wall.

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@jjneeb what an incredible setup! So clean and unobtrusive. Got my wheels turning… thanks for the share!

Look around on Craigslist for dentist offices closing. I found a similar arm from a scrap x ray machine.

Of course…we all have CNC machines, so if anyone had a design?


great idea, @abakker about the dentist office arm.
Also, I’ve been thinking since I saw this thread about designing a ceiling mount. Somebody must have a start on a design! :crossed_fingers:

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That would be great. I got close to starting, then I found the used one and took the lazy route :slight_smile:

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Well thought out and excellent solution. Thanks for sharing!