Monitor stand options/designs

anyone build a monitor stand that attaches to their machine or a roller one? i am in the need of new cart and want to see what you all have done so far.

Robert Cowen did a did one DIY CNC Router Machine Arm - YouTube


I built the Robert Cowan one. Works great for me and was an easy build. You need a 3d printer though.

I have and adjustable monitor arm attached with roll in nuts holding a 23" touchscreen. That and a pico ATX PC is all you need.

Hey @mitermikeswoodshop, I built this simple one in 2019. I debated hanging it off the machine or hanging it off the industrial shelving next to the machine. I went with hanging it off the shelving as it gave a slight reach advantage (~9in) when I turn it and pull it out over my welding table in the other direction away from the AVIDcnc.

Used the plasma side of the AVIDcnc to cut a few parts for the new monitor stand.


And add a little steel tube & stitch welding. I could have gone with lighter materials, this is just the way I went at the time and it gave me a great project to practice welding on.

The original mult-jointed arm was built for another project back in Jun/2006 and this was a pefect place to repurpose it. It is simple 1in wide by 1/2in thick 6061 extrusions drilled for 3/8in grade-8 bolts and the ends have been rounded over. The individual links were going to be 7in long but ended up being 9in long. Due to the over-lap for pinning and the smaller end pieces there is about 28in of reach. It gets moved all the time as I swing it out of the way to get into the ‘shorty’ tool box behind it when it is swing over on that side. I have one more set of these arm bar pieces (made at the same time back in the day) if I ever decide I want to lengthen the reach. Right now I’m pretty happy with it, so not planning on doing that.

here is a shot with the monitor lifted off to give a better idea…

AVIDcnc is barely off the right hand edge of this photo.

One piece, not shown, … I do a lot of welding / grinding out in the garage very close to this setup. I’ve got an old beach towel that I throw over the top of this when not in use. There was just toooo much misc-grit getting down into the keyboard, and I worried about the open air vents on the top of the monitor as well.

I’m interested to see what others have done as well. Always fun to see how different people tackle a similar issue.


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Marius Hornberger did quite a nice simple one. Plans are available on his website for very little money

I modified a Harbor freight like 8 Drawer cabinet. want to change to all swiveling wheels to easily move around better though.