Camera for Avid cnc

Good day.
Anyone knows if some thing like this can be done for our machines?
or where available?

Atomstack AC1 Lightburn Camera Precise Positioning For All Brands Laser Engraving Machine (

Seems a great time saver to me…

That is kinda in the realm of what @brettbond is doing with paper tools. Maybe he can comment.

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Good day.
I see this from Mach but cannot find it > Mach 4 Vision Installation Guide (

I’m not sure if vision is available for Hobby, maybe just Mach4 industrial. You might also try to load the stock Mach4 Router screen to see if you can find it in there. There are a lot of things in the newer Mach4 screens that AVID doesn’t include in theirs. I have recently been looking at the surface mapping feature and probing module because they look interesting.

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That camera looks nice, I would wonder:

  • does it have auto focus?
  • can it focus close enough to be mounted on your gantry?
  • is it sensitive enough to light to deal with the varied lighting conditions as your machine moves around

The one I use is far from perfect, but if you’re curious I show a few different options to mount it in this vid:

I got a light burn demo and I am going to try to install it this weekend with a camera…the reason for this I want to make the cnc table like a big scanner.
I also got a usb camera to try out…

looking for something like this… Centre Finding using a webcam (

I’ve thought of just bolting my flatbed scanner to the z carriage…

Plop. Scan. Move. Plop. Scan…

I’m curious what you ended up using and if it worked??

Good day.
I tried a spare camera sony a6000 but it did not work.
So I will buy a camera that lightburn is selling mount it in the ceiling.
so it will become like a big scanner which is what I need. so Ican trace big and odd shapes.

I got a microscope camera as well that I need to install …this is for finding and setting centers …when I get odd jobs.

I always get odd jobs lol.

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