Overview of AVID Laser hardware

Since I had a prototype of AVID’s laser kit, I thought I’d do a little overview in case people are interested in seeing the hardware in a little more detail.


Great video Jim! Someday I may have the money for a laser. The cyclone dust collector that appears in some shots looks a lot the one I built from plans in Woodsmith.

Ha, ya I built that cyclone about 30 years ago off of plans from one of the woodworking magazines (don’t even remember which one anymore). Has worked great with the blower from an old grizzly DC. As long as the garbage can is not full, this thing takes out all the fine stuff so I don’t use any filters and just port it out to the back yard.


Thanks for the video. I am running the laser package and agree with all you are saying. Great that it works right out of the box with no modifications. Just to mention as I am sure you know, the Vectric laser toolpaths can also be run. I also like, with AVID converting the g code files in Mach 4 I can run a vcarve toolpath using the laser as the tool, makes a nice shadow effect in the carving, if that makes sense.

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Thats really interesting, I hadn’t thought of runing the laser on a Vcarve toolpath…now I have to go try that :slight_smile:

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