Opt Lasers PLH3D-XT8

Just got my new Opt XT8 45W laser kit. They also redesigned the adapter box, and have a new magnetic quick doc that supports their bigger lasers like this.
Time to get wiring.

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looks like the quick dock has plumbing for the air assist. That is a nice touch.

Will be interested to see what this beast can do.

I’m excited to see what you think about it Jim. You are the guru of all things laser! Thank you for all of your online content, forum messages and personal communications. We are all indebted to Jim Neeb


Yep, looks just like the way I did it on the laser docks I built :wink:

Hmmmm interesting. Seems to be a reasonable price. If it treats you well I’ll probably pick one up as well.

Um, is that an anaconda in that box or is that the cable from the adapter to the laser head? Yikes!

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Are you mounting it on the AVID laser upgrade or independent?

Yep, I mounted it on the AVID pnumatic deploy mechanism. It requires an extra lift spring though to hold it up because this laser is a bit heavier than the 15W model the kit was designed for. I already had the extra spring there because I had the 30W model mounted previously.

I finally got it mounted and wired, and a few hours to play with it, so I made a preview video.
I’ll follow up with a full review in a couple of weeks when I get to shoot more stuff with it.

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Loved the video, Thanks so much, I am looking to upgrade onto my AVID upgrade.

thank you. …and you will enjoy that laser. The extra power and longer focal length reaally add new capability.

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@jjneeb should get a raise! :joy:

I agree he should get big money from OPT!

I just finished a video on deep engraving in wood with my XT8, including how to convert the STL to a grayscale.

The laser worked better than it thought it would at that depth, my CNC has some “smoothness” issues though that I have to see if I can fix.