Anyone using Onshape for cad

I found Onshape for designing my 3D printer stuff and it’s pretty slick. I’m guessing similar to fusion 360. Don’t know if it’s better or not but it was easy for me to grasp. Just looking for a class or what have you?

I use Onshape an absolutely love it. SO MUCH easier to design in than fusion.

It’s lacking CAM right now however….

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I started using it to make three d stuff for printing. But I heard they are adding a cam module soon so hold on to your hat. Lol

After thinking about it I use Onshapeto create what ever and the export it to vcarve for the cut paths.

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I love Onshape. Solid works is more powerful but glitchy and expensive, fusion isn’t too bad but not as slick as Onshape. Fusion cam is really good though.

Agree, I often model in Onshape and the bring the completed models into Fusion for CAM stuff.

The other thing about Onshape is its computing power is online. You can use it on any computer without worrying about its power. That’s what they say. I am using a 2020 MacBook Pro 15 inch.

I’ve used it on a $200 dollar chromebook and it’s worked fine

HSMWorks will not support Onshape. Let’s just address the elephant in the room, HSMWorks continues to support Solidworks despite the fact Autodesk owns them now. That is because Autodesk doesn’t want to be to be seen as the monopoly that they are.

Whatever you think of Fusion, the core CAM is in fact HSMWorks functionality being spread around the product set.

For those who are not familiar with HSMWorks;