Avid 5x5 Teardrop Camper Project

We just started our tear drop camper build and posted the first video to YouTube. The video shows a decent amount of the design process, Aspire sheet organization, and tool path generation. The project has 21 sheets of plywood and 3 sheets of foam insulation, so lots of toolpaths. I’ll be sure to add more details to this project post as the build progresses!

Here is a link: Building A Teardrop Camper Under $5000- Design & Cutting Parts - YouTube


Dude, that is awesome!! Well done. I am definitely going to keep an eye on this one. I have been tossing around the a similar idea for a while.

I’ll 2’nd Bobby on this one, that looks like a spectacular project! :slight_smile: I’ll definitely follow this one as well.

Looks very nice! A fancy set of aluminum rims would be a nice addition.

Wow Great Project, What CAD did you start your design in ?