Any custom builds for Avid Pro, especially 4x2?

I’m considering a build based on the Avid Pro 4x2 frame, and am interested in the experiences of others doing the same. Of particular interest is the frame and how to accommodate a dust enclosure given how the rack and pinion drive hangs down over the edge of the chassis, complicating matters. I was thinking of building a simple oversize torsion box that the enclosure would mount onto, until I realized that the rack and pinion was an issue.

Also curious about alternate electronics and software, but I’ll ask about that in a separate post.

Looking forward to hearing about these too!

I have the Benchtop Pro in a custom 3x2 configuration, which rests on a 3’x4’ workbench, and the decision really just came down to ballscrews versus racks, and whether it could be easily enclosed.