Shipping Damage What to do


I’m putting together my new 48 Pro as I type here. I did send a email to Avid but I’m guessing I won’t hear anything till Monday. I unboxed the gantry and noticed is was not wrapped like the other parts of the 80/20. It had a dent along the edge in the middle of it and the end has a gouge in it like it was dropped on concrete. It’s not the end of the world but I betting this piece cost a pretty penny. What does avid do in a case like this? I really wanted to keep the build going. I hate UPS and fedex. They always wreck my stuff it seems.

I think the key question is - is it still straight?

Mine had a dented corner but I just filed the raised edges flat and moved on, but it was still straight. As long as you can attach the rails flat and straight, nothing really depends on the edges or corners of that part.

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Support will handle this question. Sounds like you already contacted them. If you didn’t I can forward this to them.

Thanks, I did send out a email. I just like my stuff perfect and for the cost of this i like to have it pretty.

We have awesome support. I’m sure they’ll take care of you. If you haven’t already heard from them I suspect you will tomorrow.

Sounds good, thank you

Just wanted to let you know they took great care of me and have a replacement coming. Can’t ask for anything more than that. Thank you Avid


Really glad to hear it!

Support is something we genuinely pride ourselves on. I had no doubt they would take excellent care of you.