PRO Avid 8' question


I’m still dragging my feet on getting a machine. Just so hard to pick one with all the choices out there. For the budget of 12K and wanting a 48" machine or the 96" one looks like the Avid is the best bang for the buck. My question is if you get the 96" machine are the rails and frame 96" long or does avid send you (4) 48" rails and frame sections? I watch a video from a guy on you tube having issues alining up the pieces. Please let me know. Thanks

It’s two pieces for the rail, but one pair is longer than the other so that you don’t put the part where they join up also at the same place that the extrusion meets up. They also don’t both add up to 96 inches, they are more than that. I’m getting the upgrade to 4896 from my 4848, as I now have space, but if you’re having a hard time picking one, I’d say just get the 4x8. Or if you don’t have space right now, maybe get the 4x4 and ask if they can bundle the expansion kit so when you have space you’re ready to go!

OK thanks. So the frame is also two sections for each side?

48x96 here. Get the biggest you can fit. But do not skimp on the extras, spindle being most important. For the money great machine, in my opinion not much to compare to unless you go above 20k.

You can see how it goes together in the instructions starting on this step here:

You can order the frame without splices, just talk to the salesman they will take care of you. I have a 5x10 with no splices on the side rails and the linear rails. The gear track is spliced but thats no big issue. One thing they cant ship it ups that way, it comes common carrier so you may have to plan the delivery/unloading process. They are great machines at a good price point, if you are able to outgrow this machine then go buy whatever machine you want because you are producing enough to justify it. I do recommend the atc if you can swing it. Go talk to Alex at at cncdepot they have a package with a 3hp spindle. Having 8-10 tools available at all times makes it so much quicker. Keep in mind if you go the atc route either get a larger machine to accommodate the extra tools and keep your 4x8 cutting area or plan on a sliding rack of some sort.

Have you gotten in touch with support yet? They can help you decide the price difference between 4x4 and upgrading later vs 4x8 now.

It’s a bit of a numbers game but they can help you work through all of that so you get an idea of what you’re in for.

What I can say is that physically the upgrade from 4x4 to 4x8 is easy and there’s really no mechanical downside to it.

Thanks for the info. I did sent out the contact form yesterday. I do have another question. As these are a kit machine and they are run by another companies software. How does one get support for problems? Camaster , Shotbot and Shaopsabre all talk about giving support for the life of the machine. How does that work with a Avid being a kit type purchase? Thanks

If you buy it from avid, they will take care of you. I had a couple parts that needed replaced when I bought mine, they took care of it.

For me, it’s been a combination of Avid support, this forum, and the Mach forum.

When I first got my machine, I had an issue. I called Avid support, and they scheduled a video call within a day. On the call, they were professional and methodical and walked me through it in real-time and fixed it.

Hopefully you’ve seen here on the forum that Avid owners like to help each other out.

I’m not really familiar with how support compares to a company like Camaster. Camaster has made turnkey machines for much longer than Avid has made kit machines, and I imagine their free level of support is better. The Camaster FAQ says that extensive or on-site support can require a fee. I’m sure some companies offer maintenance contracts, especially on higher end machines.

Avid has transitioned from parts to full kits and from DIY-only to detailed assembly instructions, but they’re still at the end of the spectrum that requires owners to learn the system and be heavily involved in diagnosing and fixing problems. It’s part of the trade for a lower cost machine with a lot of flexibility and control.

Here’s a video on how I align the pieces. It isn’t difficult, it just takes time.


Thank you all. I just got down with a call from Jack at Avid. He was very helpful also. Pretty sure the Pro 48x48 will be the one I go towards. I would like a turn key but the camaster 4x4 is just to much for my first machine. A 2x4 is just to small I think for what I want to make.

I wanted to let you know I have a 48X48 Pro on order


Awesome! Definitely post here when you start building it. We have a whole section for builds. There are some excellent folks around here that can help you along the way with setup and proiects.