Hopefully the final question

I have a 2020 Pro 4896 (very close to an original). Originally the mounting of the board went all the way to the front stop. In other words my set back was in the back and not the front. I won’t trouble this post with the trials I went through to gain a vertical board but suffice to say it is done. But my question is this.
How do I use the rear section of the board? I want to resurface it to get started but the gantry does not go far enough back. Something is not making sense here.
Thank you

When you say board, you mean your spoil board right? The back 14" are not reachable for cutting on an AVID pro. That area is needed for the bearings and gantry etc. This is why the system is longer than the specified size of your machine. When I level my spoilboard, I take off as little as possible, and then I just sand that back 14" down so that it is not above the front part that I milled flat.

I’ve been having a lot of FUN figuring this out! I brought my spoil board to the stops in front and did a cutout for the vertical hold down board. Adding a lot of pieces and parts along the way…

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