Avid Aluminum End Mill Set

Does anyone know what the brand is for the Avid Aluminum End Mill Set? I’m trying to find information on them to add to my Tool Database.

I’m still in the process of setting up my first CNC so this is all new to me.


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I don’t know, but I can tell you through experience that the tool information you might be able to find for any brand is really only a starting point. That’s especially true when running a machine that’s typically outside the performance envelope of the manuf’s published guide. Those are more geared towards large industrial mills with 20hp+ spindles, big cast iron bases and much lower RPM range.

That said, the only real information I’ve found useful is the ideal chip load, which is a calculation of variables you’ll have to provide. If you can’t locate a tool’s ideal chip load, evaluate whether it’s a typical design and seek out a similar tool with published data (Amana can be a good source) to start from. Most 1/4" flat 2-flute upcut bits will have a similar ideal chip load across manufacturers, for a common material. The physics don’t differ significantly until you get into specialty bits.

I like the “What do the PROS do” segment in the linked video, it taught me a lot getting started.

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Thanks! I’m watching everything I can and will add that video to the list.