Getting information on a bit

Hi, I have picked up some Yokishun CNC bits and I was wondering how you would fill in the information used in the VCarve Tool Database. Some manufactures provide libraries you can import, Yokishun doesn’t. In fact I can’t even find a website for them.

Use the speeds and feed information from another endmill manufacturer. Just choose one that has the same kind of endmill. Example. Coated 2 flute upcut carbide. Or use a speeds and feed calculator, most have an option to input what kind of endmill you have and then it’ll calc your speeds and feeds for you based on machine capability and various factors.

I second what Mr. Nick states. I would also add that if they are budget bits purchased off Amazon or some other retailer, stay on the conservative side when cutting your material. In other words, don’t put the same demands on them as if it were a premium Amana or Whiteside milling bit.

I believe the concern is representing the tool geometry.

I did use that Amanda tool library for their information. The Yokishun bits had decent reviews so I’m going to give them a try.