Avid Bench Top Size

I called Avid a while ago about a bench top machine and he said they could do a 3x3 machine. Can they make the bench top one any larger? 3x4 would be nice. Thanks

Your best bet is to contact us directly using this form:


That will get you in touch with someone who can help you configure a machine. (Those folks are awesome)

To get you thinking, any of the pro machines we sell can be made to just about any size. We just size the extrusion for what you need. If I were looking at a 4x2 I’d do a 4’ wide gantry and a 3 foot long table. The tables are easy (and reasonably priced) to extend in the future. So you could make it a 4x4 or a 4x8 down the road. Making a gantry wider, while possible requires replacing a LOT more material.

But the best place to get a proper configuration (and advice!) is through that contact form.