Avid Leg Kit to weak?

I’m not on a concrete floor - my floor is wood frame, but should be more than strong enough. After going around and checking it, I think I just didn’t have the bolts tight enough. I’ve talked to the folks at 8020, and they suggested a torque of 20 ft lbs for the M8 bolts that connect the frame members. I haven’t had time to go over the entire frame yet, but I have tightened the fasteners on the front and rear crossmembers to 20 ft lb, and that’s stiffened the frame by quite a bit. As soon as I get the non-CNC project I’m working on out of the way, I’ll finish snugging up all of the fasteners, then update my progress.

thanks mark i’m still trying to decide on which brand to get yet

I’m in the same boat as many others here. Put the AVIDCNC together the way they suggest, and it just works. I do lots of plasma cutting that requires pretty fast travel speeds, at least when cutting thin material (300+ ipm) and I haven’t had leg stability issues.

When I ordered this machine, I ordered it in the ‘Tested’ configuration, 1/2 router, 1/2 plasma, 2x z-axis and the extra wide gantry. In that configuration there is a good amount of mass being moved around and the machine still performs well.