Avid standard cnc build spoilboard issue

Hey I am getting away from my lead screw machine and building my first r&p with the standard cnc. I have been reusing some of my aluminum t-slots that will work, and I want to use my spoil board setup that I had on my old machine. Here is the issue that I am looking to solve, and its my fault for being in this pickle, its the first detail I failed to account for in my planning. My old table is a nice piece of 3/4" baltic birch with hold down t-slots screwed down to it. I then had 3/4" mdf trimmed down to about 7" wide screwed down in between the t-slot tracks. ON the Avid standard machine, the y axis aluminum is 1.5"x 4.5" and the cross members are 1.5"x3". From the top of the cross members to the top of the 4.5" tall extrusion is 1.5". I just tried to place my baltic plywood over the cross members and and slid the extended carriages and it drags on the plywood.
so option 1 is to trim the edges of the baltic plywood to allow carriage clearance, but the I need a way to keep dust from going thru those openings and building uo under the table.
option 2 is to turn the 1.5"X 3" aluminum cross members down flat and create the vertical clearance to run the plywood to the edge. If I do this will it cause any issues with the y axis travel? I appreciate any thoughts that y’all have.

Welcome to the community! Woodworker2

So can you do a rabbit along the sides? For clearance…

Hey Jeff in the mode of reusing a lot of the components of my last router, I think I am going to rip down my 3/4” Baltic birch with the t slots attached down to 50” wide. That should leave me a 2” void on each side of the frame so it won’t interfere with the rails. I have drawn some reference lines that you can see in the pics. I guess I am going to find some 1/4” or 1/2” plywood and rip down some 1 7/8” strips to try and plug the voids. I kind of need the slots on the edge to hold down material. I cut a lot of specific stuff that requires a 48”x3 2” sheet of plywood so my cut size should be 49.5x36.
Any suggestions on plugging the 2” void down each side ?