Basic Vcarve sign making video

Someone asked me to do a video for beginners on CNC Vcarve sign making, so here it is.

Part 1 Link

Part 2 link


For some reason, your second link shows as a link, but resolves to a Facebook link. Should be going to Beginner's Guide to CNC Router Vcarve Sign Making Part 2 - YouTube


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The link does look like it goes through facebook, but when I click it, it goes to the Part 2 video.

Thanks for posting the direct link, hopefully if others have issues they can use the one you posted. One limitation with this forum tool is you only get about 24 hours to edit your post, and then its locked, so I can’t go back and fix the link.s

I fixed the link for part 2.


Still looks like it’s going through FB. Not worth worrying about. The link gets you there eventually. :slight_smile:

Ya, I have no idea whats going on. I pasted the link right out of YouTube and it did the same thing as the first time.