Boxley's - Sign Making Series

Recently we teamed up with Boxley’s, a local non-profit jazz club operated by JazzClubsNW. Their brief: create a one-of-a-kind sign that would perfectly capture their club’s warm ambiance.

After working out some of our design details in Fusion 360, we quickly realized that just one CNC wouldn’t do. For this special project, we needed a range of machines!

Our router was our workhorse. We used it to cut our ¾’’ acrylic lettering, ¼’’ backing acrylic, and mounting board. Aside from cutting out the components, we also had it machine some grooves for the electronics to live in later.

Our plasma machine, on the other hand, allowed us to add a bit of glamor. We selected some glitzy brass and watched the sparks fly as the machine cut out our bubbly letters.

When it came time to wire our letters, the grooves we had machined earlier helped us quickly determine the lengths of our cables and LED strips. Incorporating this step early in our process really sped up our assembly workflow.

Once our parts were ready, all we had left to do was install! After disguising the mounting board behind the black curtain, we secured our letters, wired them to the power source, and flipped the switch.

Our sign truly came to life once we attached the brass lettering. The end result was whimsical, fun, and sophisticated – just like the club itself.