Business Signage

I realize this is probably nothing special for those of you with larger machines, but I was able to manage this project on my benchtop pro. The back piece for the sign was obviously too large to fit through the machine, and I didn’t have a circle cutting jig for my router, so I used the BTPRO to make one! From there, it was a relatively simple matter of cutting out the individual pieces, priming and painting, and then assembly.


Very nice. I’ve not tiled before, but I always wondered about alignment when people leave some of the part hanging off the bed and then shift it over to cut the remainder. I like how that’s not a problem with this method and how it lets you go bigger in width, too.

Do any of the tile boundaries go through the letters, and is that a concern at all?

VERY cool to see this on a Benchtop!!


@LeverCrafts FANTASTIC job with this. Super classy!

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You are correct in that I didn’t use tiling for this specific project. It was initially to be tiled using HDU foam, however sourcing that material at a reasonable price was becoming difficult, and painting would have been more difficult milling the letters and backing together. By cutting the objects separately, it made for much easier painting and affixing afterwards. I wasn’t overly concerned about the letters being divided by the tiling. The trick in VCarve is to create an overlap which can then be finely tuned.

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That’s great work!! It’s a big deal to for any machine size. I have mad respect for the designs like this on smaller machines for me I started with a 35-35 machine and the setup was as much as the design. Great work!!!

Great job , that looks really sharp

This is Great we are looking to do external Signs at our North Bend Shop! These are awesome visual Examples of what our Machines can do! I like how the Letters Pop out!