Warning sign cut on my 2x2 CNC

Thought this would be a fun sign to make. Vectric’s Aspire made creating vectors and 3D shapes from those vectors very easy. Shovel is from Vectric’s clip art.
Painting was the hardest part as my stencil didn’t stay down in a couple of places. (Stencil is 65lb card stock cut from my file’s vectors imported into Silhouette vinyl cutter – spacing imported and scaled virtually perfectly.)


If you want to make some spare $$$ post a few of those on Etsy, past a link here and I’ll buy one for my work-shop. :slight_smile: Great project, thanks for sharing!!!

HA! I think you can already find similar signs on both Etsy and Amazon.
Painting was such a chore, I don’t think I’ll be making more. :smiley:
But thanks for the compliment.

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