Where is a good place to find .crv3d

Where is a good place to find files to download and cut out a project. I don’t have enough time to learn new skills real fast and make my own, and I have need for an American Flag with an Eagle on it. I use Aspire for CAD and CAM, what file types besides crv3d work well with aspire? Where should I look? Have no idea what something like that would cost.

I would guide you towards making your own. I’m yet to buy a file from someone and it not be filled with broken vectors or lines that don’t meet up properly.

Then you will spend more time fixing the errors then you would if you just made the file yourself.

Etsy will have files for sale. But they are risky in quality

If you are looking for just trinkets and small things. Printables and yeggi could work. They are sites designed for 3d printers but there are lots of things on there our machines can produce to.

Hope this helps.

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I know you said you don’t have time but this is literally the tutorial you’re looking for, plus in the video description he has the files for sale.

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I appreciate both you guys opinions. My daddy did say if you want something done right; do it yourself.
Perhaps this is my opportunity to learn the new skill. I have about two weeks to deadline.
Working on two of these as i speak. My machine is running.
This hobby has turned out to be pretty fun.

BTW: Thanks for the link, David, I’ll check it out.

You can use Text tool to write the words and use v-bit to carve it out.

For the gun, import an image in png and trace it. Then use the pocket toolpath to make an indentation. You can tape the piece and spray paint the pocketed part.

For the shape, first make a rectangle (use the rounded edgen option in the rectangle tool), then add an arch at the top. Use the scisoor tool and then the connect tool to make the outside shape. Then use the profile toolpath to cut it out. Good luck.

Start with squares and circles a few millimeters deep.

Then start measuring them… :thinking:

Start with that because you are starting on a journey and the next stepping stone is why those circles and squares aren’t the size you entered into the CAM.

I’ve got one done, working on number two now. Sorry didn’t mean to mislead anybody.

This is not the problem, I’ve got that stuff figured out. It’s a 3D, wavy flag with a 3D Eagle on top of that, that is the problem.

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I applaud you for making something other than a square corner sign. That part, the arch, looks good. I gotta say the gun carving looks terrible. What were you going for on the gun carve?

Thanks for the nice words about my framing, I don’t like boring!
Also, thanks for noticing I’m not so good at Vcarving too! :grinning: I admit, Vcarving has been THE challenge! At first I tried using the PhotoVcarve, but really hated that result, so I ended up using regular Vcarve with a 30D Vbit and it was a major improvement over the photo type. I’d agree, I’ve got quite a ways to go to get good at this stuff. Any advice? I stepped up to Aspire, thinking I want to go more 3D in the future. I like elevated stuff! :vulcan_salute:

I like vcarving myself. I also use aspire but have not ventured to much into 3D or use my rotary as much as I thought I would. I thought it would be great at first. It takes so long to do at a high level though. I have done several 3D carves but it is not my main focus.
You can vcarve almost anything. Just play around with it. Simple vectors are good. Trying to do intricate carves on plywood is asking for trouble.
Get into inlays if you want to get good at vcarves. It all depends on what you want to do.