Plasma Cut & Powder coated Workshop Sign

I use my AVIDCNC for both plasma and router projects. Thought I’d take a minute to share this project from a couple years back that I made for my neighbor’s man-cave. His name is Otto and he is doing a full restore/rebuild of a Dodge Demon in his man-cave. This is powder coated plasma cut steel.

To add depth to the letters, they are cut from 1/4-in plate

Here they are hung up for powder coating. I went with a crinkly “OEM Wheel Sparkle” which looks like rough sanded aluminum after reflow and throws a lot of light around.

Cutting the main sign face plate from 1/16in steell.

A quick mock-up:

And lots and lots of bending / forming / welding.

Cutting some support rings…

Stainless really does leave a much different spark pattern / brightness while cutting.

The logo part of the artwork for this comes from generic Google searches on the internet with conversions through InkScape, Solidworks and MasterCAM and then some custom python code I wrote to take generic Fanuc type G-Code and repopulate it with the necessary bits for plasma cutting in Mach-3

Machining some plexiglass and UHMWPE, The background for the devil in Red is 3/8in thick to push it forward from the face of the sign a bit and the blue that goes in the back is 1/8in thick.

layering in some faux neon, and out of order LED strips…
The first image here shows the back ring we cut and the band, both of which are welded in place to hold the faux-neon.

More - powder coating, fresh out of the oven with the hanging wires in place.

putting it all together…

Dunno, maybe this crowd is the type to enjoy this… It looks pretty great on the wall of his man-cave where he is doing the Dodge-Demon restore. I’ve done a few of these now, don’t know if anyone is interested in the plasma side of the AVIDCNC but I find I use it even more than the router side of the table.



That’s sick, looks so good! Great job!

Looks like the perfect fit for the type of work he does restoring cars.

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That really came together in the end, wowza A++

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