Catskill Mountain Maker Camp

This past month we attended the Catskill Mountain Maker Camp in upstate New York. Inspired by the legendary Jimmy DiResta, this free-wheeling sleepaway event was designed to give makers a relaxed opportunity to learn from each other.

Over the course of a weekend, ancient peat-moss forges rubbed shoulders with our brand-new plasma CNC machine. Delicate jewelry was refined right next to a 35-foot tall plywood Jackelope. With no defined structure, participants were free to work on whatever projects caught their eye.

Getting messy was encouraged. Cross-collaboration - essential. In our case, we teamed up with an array of tents to build metal lanterns designed by 42Fab’s Richard Day.

Old and new techniques collided as participants cut their parts on our plasma machine, welded them together in the metalworking shop, and powder coated their assembly.

The finished lanterns were a study in contrasts, made possible by fusing a variety of skill sets.

To everyone who stopped by - it was great to meet you! If you couldn’t make it this year, here are the files you need to make your own lanterns:

Maker Camp Cut (23.3 KB)

We can’t wait to see your take on them. Happy making!

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