Chamfer bit for alum? What do you use?

Good day.
I am looking for a chamfer bit for alum. not for hole chamfer but for the edge.
Anyone uses a particular one with great succes?

Chamfer should be 90 degrees and about 1x1mm max at the edge.

Thank you!

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Never cut metal myself, but I’m a YouTube expert who stayed at a Howard Johnson’s! There are solutions for every budget. This one has caught my eye recently. I watched someone use it at an RPM range compatible with my 4HP spindle.

But if you want to go bonkers

@DavidsPostProcessor just a small detail, ALTIN coating, specifically the AL part. That would be aluminum oxide. When you use that to cut aluminum the chips will weld to the end mill and foul the cutter.

The best coating for aluminum “can be” ZRN but some of the best finish comes from uncoated. For wood, never use ALTIN. Wood is very abrasive and will take most coatings off with just a few engagements. One of the few coatings that will work with wood is Amma’s Spektra. The color will change but the coating will remain.

@ROTM I know they are expensive but your get what you pay for;

You will find all of their tools in the Harvey library in F360. All of the s&f are rock solid.

Good notes, thanks subnoize.

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