Dust Shoe Plans

Why did Avid take the plans for the Dust Shoe off the Design and Make Project Series? I think it’s a bit of a dirty trick to force more people to purchase your quite pricey Dust Shoe system.

I really would like the answer, because there is obviously direct competition for Avid right now, and moves like this could damage your relationships with customers, as it may already have with at least one user.

Great observation. It certainly shows a move away from the DIY community that advocates for their products. At the end of the day, a business is about making money, it’s not a charity. Will this live alienate a few customers who are aware of the change? Probably, but if it makes more money for the company then that is their goal. Sometimes that means the business model shifts. The good thing is that there are other options out there if you are disappointed and they can be assessed on their merits.

Personally, I think it would have looked better if they kept it up, and it could have been edited or noted that you can buy an improved version. I bet it would have generated more sales and wouldn’t have given the impression they were moving away from the DIY community.

I made one of these following their video back before they changed names and was able to find it under CNC Router Parts, right where it was when I made it years ago.


Video description link to project files:

Thanks David!

Good to see it’s still out there in the ether. Thanks for including the link.

I don’t have an MBA so maybe I’m wrong, but a business plan for a new product where you design it, test it, refine it, develop a manufacturing process and a supply chain, develop marketing materials, set up an ordering process and write support documentation, and then give away free plans for an alternate product doesn’t seem like a good one :slight_smile:

Tell that to Prusa Research.

Avid used to be innovators. There machines are now way overpriced for the duties they serve and the materials they are made of. A 4x4 machine, with Steppers (not even closed loop) with NO spindle, running outdated Mach4 Windows based software, is now priced in excess of $8,000? There are products such as the 4x4 Onefinity Elite with closed loop steppers, Masso controller for under $4,000 (half the price).

I love my Benchtop Pro, but was thinking of upgrading to a 4x4 machine, but I can’t justify the Avid machines anymore for what they are.

I just feel for customer relations, give us some better options. When are you going to offer closed loop steppers? When are you going to offer Servos? Better controller options (Masso, Acorn)? Maybe give us the plans for something that a user could CNC for his 1st project like a Dust Shoe?

Maybe this is just a rant, I have a dust shoe, but I just feel like you’re taking away the option to keep the hobby woodworker. And lets be honest, Avid machines are still hobby machines.

Prusa is probably a perfect example. They used to be innovators and have fallen way behind. They are late on all of their development and are now way behind companies like bamboo labs in many areas. If you can’t make money on what you have now, you won’t be able to afford development in the future. Charity can get you into a market, but it is not sustainable.

I do agree with you, I would like more options from AVID, and I know they would like to be able to offer many more. To do that they need to spend money on development. My only point is you won’t have money to spend on development if you are giving stuff away for free, because as you point out, if the products aren’t competive, you will lose market share no matter how much free stuff you give away.

All great points, jjneeb.

I really don’t know why I’m so upset. Maybe it’s because I’ve followed Avid’s journey since the early cncrouterparts days, and they are starting to change, and maybe not for the best?

By the way, I follow your YouTube channel, JN Woodworks. Awesome channel.

I agree with you that they have changed. I think that is intentional as well, based on their name change that you referred to. They are now really more of an integrator/developer vs. a parts kit seller. For me that is a positive, but it does come with a cost as you pointed out. When I used to work, I worked on large teams that designed some very big industrial equipment, and I know the amount of support that is required from what CNCRouterParts did to what AVID now does goes up exponentially when they have to support all the different hardware and software combinations and try to make it all robust as they can. So they have to charge more to cover the overhead and actual development vs. just selling a bunch of machined parts and a couple of components from other suppliers.
For me, I’m hoping they are able to come out with more accessories and options in the future because thats more toys for me to buy and play with :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for watching my channel, I’m glad you get something out of it.