French Cleat Router Bit Storage with Tool Tray

Hey -

I thought I’d share a recent project I made on my Pro4896 that was super fun and even more useful for my shop.

Material: 3/4" plywood

Amount used: Roughly a 27"x48" section of the sheet

Endmill Used: 1/4" 2 flute downcut.

Something new I tried: Were the dados on each side part to create a sliding tool tray.

Here is the router bit storage rack on my french cleat wall:


Looks great! Does the tray slide out all the way or does it have stops to limit travel? I could see reasons to go either way on that decision.

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That looks really nice great job! That is something I’m pretty bad at, adequatly using wall space. I’ve got two walls covered in old fashioned peg board that are loaded to the point I worried about tearing it off the wall, but over behind the router there is a nice big expanse of wall I should look at an idea like this for some of the tooling I don’t need to get to as often. Agin, nice work there and thank you for sharing and giving us ideas!

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Solid questions! The tray slides out about 75-80% of the way and does have a stop to prevent the tray from being pulled out and falling to the floor.

One aspect that is nice is the whole tray is easy to remove should you want to bring just that to your workbench.

This was my first go at incorporating a sliding feature without hardware into one of my CNC projects and I really liked the way this one worked. I’ve got some other projects that will have a similar feature that I’ll share in the coming days.

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Wall space is a premium in my single car “shop”. Once my 4x8 CNC was put in, there wasn’t much useable wall space left over as I also have a stair case to the upstairs in the opposite corner.

Because of that, that is where while router bit project came from. Wanting to have something that could easily go on the wall and store a few hundred bits, but also be easily removeable to transport to my CNC or workbench.

The one thing I’d like to re-work is adding 3-4 more trays as I filled up the tray almost instantly. I could see a tray dedicated for sign making bits, a tray for all my ball nose endmills, etc.

Good looking project, nicely done.

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awesome! I totally need to get my bits more organized. I like the french cleat system.

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