Fusion 360 machine profile help

Does any one here have a Fusion 360 machining profile set up? Some of my machining times are way off and I’m hoping that if I add the machine profile to define my machine capabilities that it might generate machine times that are more accurate for me.

I have a custom sized 2’ x 8’ machine with the nema 23 motors. I run Mach 3 through an ESS.

If anyone out there has any information that might help me along with this I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you


Hi Vin,
IS this what you are looking for?

Sorry if there is any confusion!

Thanks Greg, but no this is not what I am looking for. I’m looking for max feed rates, rapid feed rates and feed rate ratio information so the Fusion 360 can use that info to better define the machining times for tool paths.

AVID support was not able to give me this info unfortunately. I was going someone on here had already done this and would be willing to share their information.

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It seems like I should be able to find this information within Mach3 according to AVID support. Is there anyone that could guide me on where to find this information?

I am unfortunately away from my shop at the moment and do not have access to me CNC laptop.

My machine is a 2017 2’x8’ CNCRP PRO machine that uses Nema 23 motors and ESS motion control.

I may be wrong, but I don’t think fusion takes acceleration into account when calculating machining time. My estimates are usually within 20%.

Really not much to add to define your machine, this is my pro4896 nema 34 with rotary:

Refer to this table for your machine’s max velocity:

That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you ! Much appreciated!

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