Grease cartridges

Anyone know a source for the grease cartriges that came with machine?
Or…a fitting to adapt onto regular grease gun?

I just bought silicone grease mini cartridges off Amazon. Looks like essentially the same grease to me and it works just fine. As far as adapting to a regular grease gun, I haven’t gone there yet. When I do, I’ll want to hook it up to my Ryobi battery powered gun! :laughing:

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My beef with using the Avid recommended lithium grease is how messy it is and tends to get on everything remotely close to the rails/bearing blocks. I have black grease spots on almost all my work clothes. I switched to this Super Lube grease that I have used on previous CNCs:

It is clean and works just as well if not better than the lithium grease. I can’t wait for all the black stuff to work out of the bearing blocks and regret the day I pumped them full of the black lithium grease.

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I will have a look, thanks.

The stuff I got was red

Ohh… I’m going to order some of the Super Lube right now and give it a try. It’s time to hit the bearings again, so now is a good time. Thanks for the info.