Upgrading bearing carriage on 4x8 Standard?

Our shop purchased an Avid 4x8 Standard CNC in 2019. We were looking for something that would be a good fit for an academic shop, and wouldn’t break the bank.
After 5 years, we are having some issues. The linear bearing carriages that came with the standard have been collecting debris over time, and cracks forming on the outer races have lead to complete failure of the bearing.
We would like to improve our cut quality, and we a looking longingly at the recirculating bearings on the pro.

Has anybody upgraded their standard machine, either with Avid parts, or with another companies’ product??

The bearings are “consumables.” I bet the pinion gear is also worn and needs replacing.

You will find the consumables kits here;

Pick up a spare parts kit that matches the stepper motor size.

Yeah, sadly that’s the replacement parts for the bearings we want, rather than the ones we have. I’m looking for an upgrade to the linear bearings.

If you want to move from the standard machine to the pro, I think your only real option that doesn’t involve you figuring it all out yourself is to contact Avid. I am not sure if they offer an upgrade but they are your best chance.

oooooh, I see. Yeah, its a phone call at that point.